New Shoes!

As yesterday was an enforced rest day, I went over to Teddington, to The Sweat Shop ( to buy some new running shoes.  Concerned about an injury so soon into my training, I realised I was going to have to invest in a pair that were designed for my style of running.  

(Style?!  <snigger>)

Well, thankfully there was no obvious sniggering in the shop, and I left there, some 40 minutes later, considerably lighter of wallet, albeit with some fetchingly pink shoes that match my running outfit perfectly.  Shallow, moi?!

I was still a bit stiff and sore today from my session at the osteopath, but as I had her permission to run today, wanted to keep to the C25K plan.  Thankfully the run went without incident, and the  hip pain I felt on Monday did not recur.

Hopefully the new shoes have helped in that regard.  And hopefully they have dried out enough for my next run, on Friday!



New kit – part 2

It has been a bit cold and wet recently, so I decided that I needed a hat to wear when I’m running.  

I don’t really do hats, as I always seem to look very stupid.  (I know I probably look stupid running, but still – no need to make it worse!)

One of the main reasons I look stupid is that I can never find hats small enough to fit me as apparently I have a very small head.  

But I found one in the end.  Stupid, but it fits.ImageImage


Told you I had a small head!

Ooops! Injured …

I started week 2 of C25K on Sunday, and the run went well – 6 x 1.5 minute runs, interspersed with 2 minutes of walking.  And I ran despite the cold and rain.  Something I never, ever thought I would do!

Smug?  Oh yes.

But smugness has a downside, and that was a sore right hip that became progressively more troublesome during the day, and I ended up with a pronounced limp by the evening.

Yesterday was a gym day, and things seemed OK, and the ache was less, but still concerned, I managed to book an osteopath appointment.

My joints, apparently, are lovely and flexible – which was great news.  One of the reasons for starting my fitness kick, over a year ago, was to ensure that I kept my flexibility as I age.  But there was a little bit of pelvic ‘misalignment’ and some very tight muscles in my legs and thighs, which had to be loosened via some pretty painful deep tissue massage.

Last night things were very achey and actually kept me awake.  It’s sore to sleep on my right-hand side which is, of course, the side I prefer to sleep on!  I gave in at 4.00 am and took some aspirin.  

No training allowed today – which should have been Week 2/Day 2.  Hopefully all will have settled down by tomorrow, and I can go out and run again.

Still.  Looking on the positive side, I realised I was quite worried that I would be told to stop running altogether, and I found I really didn’t want to be told that.  So that’s progress!  I appear to have become a runner …


The End of Week One


It’s been a good week.

I started with the first of my C25K runs on Sunday, which was a lot easier than I had feared.

On Monday I had my induction at my new gym – Virgin Active.  I was sad to leave my previous gym, David Lloyd, but given the insulting price rises that they were imposing, I felt that I had no option.  Someone should tell them that we’re in a recession.

Anyway.  Lee, from the fitness team, did a good job and put together an interesting and varied programme for me, which looks easy enough as well as being challenging enough!

Tuesday I did my second C25K run.  It was fine apart from being

a) bloody cold

b) boring, running around the dreary park behind our house

Wednesday I did my first solo session at the gym.  Very encouragingly, Lee kept an eye on me during the whole time I was there – unbeknown to me, initially! – and made sure I was doing things properly. 

The only part of the hour that I couldn’t do was the running bit – which doesn’t bode well for my C25K!  I’m supposed to jog at 10 (no idea if this is kph or mph) and then increase it to 13 – which was way too fast and too much for me at the moment.

I sort of staggered along at 10 for a minute or so and then gave up on that.

Thursday I did my last run of the week.  Running in Morden Hall Park was much more interesting, although I was surprised by how much of the park I covered doing the whole session.  Makes me realise I need to work out a longer route to do.

Today I went back to the gym.  I managed to run a bit more at the slower speed, and finished the rest of my hour with Lee only having to come and correct me once.  It’s good to know that he is looking out for me though.  (Nothing to do, I’m sure, with his ambition to be a personal trainer soon!)

Tomorrow will be a day off, and then I start Week 2 of C25K on Sunday.

By which time, surely, I should have dropped at least a stone?!

C25K – Day Three

Today was the last run of week one.  8 runs each of 1 minute, interspersed with walking for 90 seconds.

Whilst I managed it easily, and wasn’t too out of breath, I still can’t quite believe there will come a day when I can keep going for 5K!

I drove to Morden Hall Park so that there was somewhere rather prettier to run than in the basic park behind my house.  Just running round and round the same, fairly featureless park gets boring very quickly.

Lots of signs that spring is springing at the moment, and it is a beautiful place to run.  Apart from the midges, which were horrible.  Still, I expect they are low carb.

The Underwear Conundrum

I went for my second C25K run yesterday, wearing my new kit.

The 5 minute walk/warm-up was fine.  But with the first minute’s run came the first problem.  My pants.

My new running ‘tights’ as I believe they are called, are evidently not compatible with pants. And running with what effectively became a thong was not the most comfortable of experiences.

To wear or not to wear has been discussed in much detail on Mumsnet recently:

Until yesterday, I was firmly in the ‘yes to pants’ brigade …