I have good news and bad news …

The good news is that I have finally reached the 5K mark – my last (of 3) 30 minute runs saw me just sneak past 5K:


However, the bad news is that I had started to suffer from shin pain as my runs got longer.

When I realised that my shins were not only bruised, but that I also had a strange lump on my left one, it was time not only for rest but also a visit to the osteopath.

Thankfully it turned out not to be shin splints, which is what I had feared, but something to do with the effect of impact vibration on my muscles.  After several quite painful sessions of deep tissue massage, and some ultrasound, I have been given the all clear to run again.


I have had to go right back to the beginning.  So running for only a minute at a time, with a 90 second rest in between the runs – 8 in all.  And instead of one rest day between runs, I have to take two.

However, the upside of this is that it now seems really easy!  I remember those first few runs where I thought a minute would never end.  Now I can just concentrate on enjoying the run, and the scenery.

And the scenery is quite spectacular.  I’m still running in Morden Hall Park, and the difference in the park since I first started running there is amazing.  It has been lovely to run without having to layer up the clothes – and getting hot whilst running is something of an experience.

There are still lots of magpies, but today was a good day, and my first sighting was a pair, so 2 for joy!

Morden Hall Park 3; June 2013 Morden Hall Park 4; June 2013



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