Morden Hall Park – Mud, Midges and Magpies

I’m already in week 8 of my 9 week C25K plan.  I have no idea how that happened!  It seems amazing to think that only two months ago I was panicking about having to run for 5 minutes without stopping.

I have one more run left in this week, and it will be another 28 minute run.

The progress with my running has been nothing short of startling – to me at least.  And what I have discovered is that being able to run for longer times is actually as much about my head as it is about my stamina.  Once you know that you can run for ten minutes, it seems much easier to accept that you can run for fifteen.  And when you get to fifteen, twenty is obviously a doddle.  Well …

The hardest thing about continuing with the running has actually been the weather.

A year ago I would never have believed anyone who told me that I would be running.  I certainly wouldn’t have believed them if they told me I would be running in the cold, the rain and the snow!  But armed with The Hat and my latest discovery of disposable hand warmers, I have managed reasonably well.

My new trainers have certainly taken a bit of a bashing, as much of the park has been very waterlogged.  Once you’re warmed up though, there’s a strange satisfaction in running through the mud and puddles.  Keeping my inner child happy, no doubt.

On the odd occasion I have run in the sunshine, and it’s amazing the difference it makes.  But there’s a downside to everything.  When the sun comes out in the park, so do the midges.  And as I haven’t quite mastered running with my mouth shut, I don’t like to think how many of them I must have consumed.

Another phenomenon that I have had to get used to is the number of magpies that I see in the park.


I had no idea quite how superstitious I am!  If I see one magpie, I’m immediately looking for a second one, so that I can be happy that the day will bring joy rather than sorrow.  I came round a corner yesterday and saw a full complement of seven.  No idea what the secret is going to be!

Anyway, this was yesterday’s run:

According to the app, I ran almost 5K in my 28 minutes.  I’m not entirely sure it was that far, but I’m not going to argue.

One more 28 minute run, and then next week I move on to three 30 minute runs, which should take me to the 5K mark, there or thereabouts.

Who would ever have thought it?!