Today was my first long run

I have just completed Week 5.  This week saw the running really ramped up.  Unlike other weeks, where the runs are the same each time, Week 5 had three different runs.  The first was 3 x five minute runs, with a 3 minute walk in between.  The second was 2 x eight minute runs, with a 5 minute walk in between.  And today was just one long run – of twenty minutes.

I had read ahead and knew that it was coming, and I was rather apprehensive of it.

The first five minutes were OK, but in the second five minutes I started to wonder if I was going to be able to do it all – but then I seemed to get into more of a rhythm and managed reasonably well.  This is my route (hopefully this link will work):

Turns out that I’ve run 3K today!  Suddenly 5K doesn’t really seem that unattainable any more.  And I really never thought I would say that.

Next week, from tomorrow, the diet re-starts.  I have been somewhat distracted recently, with both my sons celebrating significant birthdays (21 and 18 – no idea how that happened – they were babies 5 minutes ago), and my food and alcohol consumption has not been brilliant!  It certainly hasn’t been low carb, which is what I’m supposed to be doing.

So tomorrow sees a return to the scales, and a couple of really strict food days.  I’m going to start monitoring my blood pressure too – as this was a little high last time I was at the GP.


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