Running and magpies

Today was the last run of week 3.  4 runs altogether, 2 x 90 seconds and 2 x three minutes.  Three minutes does seem an awfully long time when you’re in the middle of them!

Whilst running in the park, I spotted several magpies and it got me thinking about the ITV show of the same name:


Watching Magpie was a bit of a rebellion for any middle class child – it was definitely not as wholesome as Blue Peter!  

I saw several mapgies during my run, but they were all on their own.  I wondered how long the gap between seeing two single birds had to be, before it would count as either “one for sorrow” or “two for joy”?  


It was really cold today, and snowing when I set off.  I’m amazed I even went out to be honest as I do not like the cold  <whiney voice>  I put on even more clothes this time, and it was just about OK, although my hands were still freezing.  I can’t say that I found the three minute runs getting any easier than when I started week 3, so I’m not especially looking forward to week 4, which starts with a three minute run which is then followed by running for five minutes.  

I’m going to make a playlist of songs that last for five minutes, so that I can focus on the music and stop thinking about how long I’m running for.

But my knees aren’t as achey as they were a couple of days ago, so I suppose that is progress of a sort.


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