Week 3, Run 2 – done

I was not keen to go running today.  My knees have been hurting a bit and, more importantly, it was really cold and grey!

But I have The Hat!


Even though I look ridiculous in it, I have been very grateful for the warmth it affords me.

Running for 3 minutes does also have the advantage of warming me up, so although it was cold when I first set off, by the time I was half way through the run, I wasn’t really feeling it.

I actually found myself thinking that it was over and done with very quickly today, so I suppose that bodes well – especially as next week sees the length of the longer runs increased to 5 minutes. 

I’ve been looking ahead at what is to come:


… and not sure that was really a good idea!  Things seem to really ramp up from next week onwards.

My main concern at the moment is my knees.  I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m unused to running, and that they need to get stronger, or if there’s more of an issue that I will need to get sorted.  I’ve started to take a supplement, Regenovex, which is designed for joint health.  It contains Marine Bionovex Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, and is supposed to help with synovial fluid and cartilage.

Fingers crossed that this is just a short term problem.


One comment on “Week 3, Run 2 – done

  1. The hat is fantastic. You’ll have no problems moving up to 5 minute stretches next week with such encouraging head gear. Hope the knees are feeling better soon.

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