Welcome to Week 3

I should have done this run yesterday, but we went out to lunch, and roast beef with all the trimmings and half a bottle of red wine saw me firmly ensconced on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon!

I was a bit apprehensive this morning, as the run would involve running for 3 minutes, which is double the length of the runs last week.

So Week 3, Day 1 was a 1.5 minute run, followed by a 1.5 minute walk, then a 3 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk.  This then repeated, so overall the running today was 9 minutes.

Actually it was fine.  

I enjoyed being outside today.  It was cold – 3 degrees according to the thermometer in the car – but the sun was shining and it was really quite warm in the sunshine.  So I was running not only in The Hat but also wearing Cool Dude sunglasses.  (Cool only in my head, you understand.)

And I was running to Duran Duran today, which was fab.

I’m not sure what other users of the park thought, hearing me screeching my way around the park, but I enjoyed it!

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand …


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