New Shoes!

As yesterday was an enforced rest day, I went over to Teddington, to The Sweat Shop ( to buy some new running shoes.  Concerned about an injury so soon into my training, I realised I was going to have to invest in a pair that were designed for my style of running.  

(Style?!  <snigger>)

Well, thankfully there was no obvious sniggering in the shop, and I left there, some 40 minutes later, considerably lighter of wallet, albeit with some fetchingly pink shoes that match my running outfit perfectly.  Shallow, moi?!

I was still a bit stiff and sore today from my session at the osteopath, but as I had her permission to run today, wanted to keep to the C25K plan.  Thankfully the run went without incident, and the  hip pain I felt on Monday did not recur.

Hopefully the new shoes have helped in that regard.  And hopefully they have dried out enough for my next run, on Friday!


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2 comments on “New Shoes!

  1. Alreethinny says:

    I loved the C25K plan, it got me backing into running after not doing anything for years. Keep it up and look into whether you have a Parkrun near you, its a 5k run on a Saturday morning, its great for motivating you and there are all levels of fitness runners taking part.

    • Alison Starr says:

      There is a Parkrun near me, but I’m nowhere near joining in quite yet! Although I’m reasonably fit after spending a year at the gym, my endurance levels are really not that good. I start week 3 today, which will involve just 3 minutes of running, and that seems like enough of a challenge at the moment. I can’t believe that by week 9 I will actually be running the full distance … :)

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