Ooops! Injured …

I started week 2 of C25K on Sunday, and the run went well – 6 x 1.5 minute runs, interspersed with 2 minutes of walking.  And I ran despite the cold and rain.  Something I never, ever thought I would do!

Smug?  Oh yes.

But smugness has a downside, and that was a sore right hip that became progressively more troublesome during the day, and I ended up with a pronounced limp by the evening.

Yesterday was a gym day, and things seemed OK, and the ache was less, but still concerned, I managed to book an osteopath appointment.

My joints, apparently, are lovely and flexible – which was great news.  One of the reasons for starting my fitness kick, over a year ago, was to ensure that I kept my flexibility as I age.  But there was a little bit of pelvic ‘misalignment’ and some very tight muscles in my legs and thighs, which had to be loosened via some pretty painful deep tissue massage.

Last night things were very achey and actually kept me awake.  It’s sore to sleep on my right-hand side which is, of course, the side I prefer to sleep on!  I gave in at 4.00 am and took some aspirin.  

No training allowed today – which should have been Week 2/Day 2.  Hopefully all will have settled down by tomorrow, and I can go out and run again.

Still.  Looking on the positive side, I realised I was quite worried that I would be told to stop running altogether, and I found I really didn’t want to be told that.  So that’s progress!  I appear to have become a runner …



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