The End of Week One


It’s been a good week.

I started with the first of my C25K runs on Sunday, which was a lot easier than I had feared.

On Monday I had my induction at my new gym – Virgin Active.  I was sad to leave my previous gym, David Lloyd, but given the insulting price rises that they were imposing, I felt that I had no option.  Someone should tell them that we’re in a recession.

Anyway.  Lee, from the fitness team, did a good job and put together an interesting and varied programme for me, which looks easy enough as well as being challenging enough!

Tuesday I did my second C25K run.  It was fine apart from being

a) bloody cold

b) boring, running around the dreary park behind our house

Wednesday I did my first solo session at the gym.  Very encouragingly, Lee kept an eye on me during the whole time I was there – unbeknown to me, initially! – and made sure I was doing things properly. 

The only part of the hour that I couldn’t do was the running bit – which doesn’t bode well for my C25K!  I’m supposed to jog at 10 (no idea if this is kph or mph) and then increase it to 13 – which was way too fast and too much for me at the moment.

I sort of staggered along at 10 for a minute or so and then gave up on that.

Thursday I did my last run of the week.  Running in Morden Hall Park was much more interesting, although I was surprised by how much of the park I covered doing the whole session.  Makes me realise I need to work out a longer route to do.

Today I went back to the gym.  I managed to run a bit more at the slower speed, and finished the rest of my hour with Lee only having to come and correct me once.  It’s good to know that he is looking out for me though.  (Nothing to do, I’m sure, with his ambition to be a personal trainer soon!)

Tomorrow will be a day off, and then I start Week 2 of C25K on Sunday.

By which time, surely, I should have dropped at least a stone?!


2 comments on “The End of Week One

  1. jae says:

    Well done! I am up to the start of week 5 on C25K and am finding it very challenging but I’m just about getting through. The only thing that’s doing it is a decent playlist so make sure you pack some good tunes!

  2. Alison Starr says:

    Oh yes! I was going to blog about music next, actually! It really does make a difference, I have discovered.

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