C25K – Day One

Somehow I have been persuaded to take part in a charity 5K run in October.  I presume alcohol must have involved somewhere along the way, as I don’t do running.

However, I appear to have been signed up, so I’m getting on with it.

I’m running in aid of:


and anyone who wants to make a donation can go here:


So back to the running.  The first stop, obviously, was to buy new kit.  (I’m sure it will make all the difference).

After a year of some serious work at the gym (with thanks to @MaunsellFitness) I felt reasonably confident that I’d be able to manage running.  But I decided to start carefully, so I’m following the C25K programme.


In week 1, you run every other day.  You run for a minute, then walk for 90 seconds, then repeat.  Altogether you run for 8 minutes.  I started on Sunday, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it.  Yes, I know, after being at the gym for a year I should be fit enough, but somehow I wasn’t convinced!



One comment on “C25K – Day One

  1. Lisa Blake says:

    You most certainly are signed up! Good luck with the training, you are fabulous Xx

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