Running and magpies

Today was the last run of week 3.  4 runs altogether, 2 x 90 seconds and 2 x three minutes.  Three minutes does seem an awfully long time when you’re in the middle of them!

Whilst running in the park, I spotted several magpies and it got me thinking about the ITV show of the same name:


Watching Magpie was a bit of a rebellion for any middle class child – it was definitely not as wholesome as Blue Peter!  

I saw several mapgies during my run, but they were all on their own.  I wondered how long the gap between seeing two single birds had to be, before it would count as either “one for sorrow” or “two for joy”?  


It was really cold today, and snowing when I set off.  I’m amazed I even went out to be honest as I do not like the cold  <whiney voice>  I put on even more clothes this time, and it was just about OK, although my hands were still freezing.  I can’t say that I found the three minute runs getting any easier than when I started week 3, so I’m not especially looking forward to week 4, which starts with a three minute run which is then followed by running for five minutes.  

I’m going to make a playlist of songs that last for five minutes, so that I can focus on the music and stop thinking about how long I’m running for.

But my knees aren’t as achey as they were a couple of days ago, so I suppose that is progress of a sort.


Week 3, Run 2 – done

I was not keen to go running today.  My knees have been hurting a bit and, more importantly, it was really cold and grey!

But I have The Hat!


Even though I look ridiculous in it, I have been very grateful for the warmth it affords me.

Running for 3 minutes does also have the advantage of warming me up, so although it was cold when I first set off, by the time I was half way through the run, I wasn’t really feeling it.

I actually found myself thinking that it was over and done with very quickly today, so I suppose that bodes well – especially as next week sees the length of the longer runs increased to 5 minutes. 

I’ve been looking ahead at what is to come:

… and not sure that was really a good idea!  Things seem to really ramp up from next week onwards.

My main concern at the moment is my knees.  I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m unused to running, and that they need to get stronger, or if there’s more of an issue that I will need to get sorted.  I’ve started to take a supplement, Regenovex, which is designed for joint health.  It contains Marine Bionovex Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, and is supposed to help with synovial fluid and cartilage.

Fingers crossed that this is just a short term problem.

Welcome to Week 3

I should have done this run yesterday, but we went out to lunch, and roast beef with all the trimmings and half a bottle of red wine saw me firmly ensconced on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon!

I was a bit apprehensive this morning, as the run would involve running for 3 minutes, which is double the length of the runs last week.

So Week 3, Day 1 was a 1.5 minute run, followed by a 1.5 minute walk, then a 3 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk.  This then repeated, so overall the running today was 9 minutes.

Actually it was fine.  

I enjoyed being outside today.  It was cold – 3 degrees according to the thermometer in the car – but the sun was shining and it was really quite warm in the sunshine.  So I was running not only in The Hat but also wearing Cool Dude sunglasses.  (Cool only in my head, you understand.)

And I was running to Duran Duran today, which was fab.

I’m not sure what other users of the park thought, hearing me screeching my way around the park, but I enjoyed it!

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand …

Week 2/Day 3

We went out for dinner last night, it being Valentine’s Day and all that.  So this morning I was a leeeetle bit fragile.  Before I knew where I was, it was already 11.00 am, and there was no time for running, as I had a Ladies Wot Lunch lunch to go to.  

I had it in my mind that I wouldn’t run today, and that I would go tomorrow instead.  But somehow, I realised that I actually wanted to go for a run so, a suitable time after lunch, I set off.  

What a different kind of day it was today!  The thermometer in the car was showing 10 degrees so I threw caution to the wind and ran without my hat.  Ditching the gloves was a different matter.  I hate having cold hands, and I suffer a little from Raynaud’s disease, so it’s always a good idea to try and keep them warm.

I enjoyed running round the park today, especially as there are so many signs of Spring now.  But I found the run harder than I had expected.  The voice-over on the C25K app tells me when there is 15 seconds left of the run, and those 15 seconds seemed to go on forever today!

My knees were a bit sore when I finished, which I’m sort of worried about.  But I’m not as stiff or as achey as I have been after previous runs, so hopefully all is well.

Anyway, that’s week 2 over and done with.  I start week 3 on Sunday when apparently I will run for 1.5 minutes followed by a 1.5 minute walk, then run for 3 minutes followed by a 3 minute walk – and then repeat that.  The jump to running for 3 minutes seems a massive one!

Wish me luck …


New Shoes!

As yesterday was an enforced rest day, I went over to Teddington, to The Sweat Shop ( to buy some new running shoes.  Concerned about an injury so soon into my training, I realised I was going to have to invest in a pair that were designed for my style of running.  

(Style?!  <snigger>)

Well, thankfully there was no obvious sniggering in the shop, and I left there, some 40 minutes later, considerably lighter of wallet, albeit with some fetchingly pink shoes that match my running outfit perfectly.  Shallow, moi?!

I was still a bit stiff and sore today from my session at the osteopath, but as I had her permission to run today, wanted to keep to the C25K plan.  Thankfully the run went without incident, and the  hip pain I felt on Monday did not recur.

Hopefully the new shoes have helped in that regard.  And hopefully they have dried out enough for my next run, on Friday!


New kit – part 2

It has been a bit cold and wet recently, so I decided that I needed a hat to wear when I’m running.  

I don’t really do hats, as I always seem to look very stupid.  (I know I probably look stupid running, but still – no need to make it worse!)

One of the main reasons I look stupid is that I can never find hats small enough to fit me as apparently I have a very small head.  

But I found one in the end.  Stupid, but it fits.ImageImage


Told you I had a small head!

Ooops! Injured …

I started week 2 of C25K on Sunday, and the run went well – 6 x 1.5 minute runs, interspersed with 2 minutes of walking.  And I ran despite the cold and rain.  Something I never, ever thought I would do!

Smug?  Oh yes.

But smugness has a downside, and that was a sore right hip that became progressively more troublesome during the day, and I ended up with a pronounced limp by the evening.

Yesterday was a gym day, and things seemed OK, and the ache was less, but still concerned, I managed to book an osteopath appointment.

My joints, apparently, are lovely and flexible – which was great news.  One of the reasons for starting my fitness kick, over a year ago, was to ensure that I kept my flexibility as I age.  But there was a little bit of pelvic ‘misalignment’ and some very tight muscles in my legs and thighs, which had to be loosened via some pretty painful deep tissue massage.

Last night things were very achey and actually kept me awake.  It’s sore to sleep on my right-hand side which is, of course, the side I prefer to sleep on!  I gave in at 4.00 am and took some aspirin.  

No training allowed today – which should have been Week 2/Day 2.  Hopefully all will have settled down by tomorrow, and I can go out and run again.

Still.  Looking on the positive side, I realised I was quite worried that I would be told to stop running altogether, and I found I really didn’t want to be told that.  So that’s progress!  I appear to have become a runner …